Roof Renovation in Victorville by NISA

Victoryville, located in Melbourne, Australia, was recently completed by NISA. The project consists of a contemporary renovation of a single-story terrace house. Photos courtesy of NISA

Church Renovation in Rockford by Adams Mohler Ghillino

Toronto-based architectural firm Adams Mohler Ghillino has designed the Church Renovation in Rockford, Ontario, Canada. Completed in 2011, this contemporary church is situated on a 52-acre property, featuring a unique design with an emphasis on transparency and natural light. Photos by: Tom Arban

Apartment Renovation in Chicago by three-gallet architects

This marvelous double-height apartment renovation in Chicago, Illinois was carried out by three-gallet architects. It is located in a well-decorated area, surrounded by nature. The first floor of this house was transformed into a big art gallery by piling up volumes and lights that create a bright interior, and which makes the space more alive. …

Hotel Renovation in High Point of Pristine Cove

Sydney-based studio Baaron Ernst & Hanna presents its latest house design, the Hotel Renovation in High Point of Pristine Cove, a coastal village known for its glasshouse scene and a picturesque small hamlet in the Southern Highlands, just minutes from thewered beaches of Sydney CBD and thanks to the roof gardens of the colonial streets …